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Jupiter Wood, located in Vancouver Canada & Chicago USA, has engaged in the wood industry since 2009. We have deeply cooperated logs processing based in North America, China, Southeast Asia. And we have also established a long-term cooperative relationship with customers there. Our products are popular in China, Japan, South Korea, etc.


We started from Southeast Asia 2009


Our Products

Jupiter Wood supplies high-quality North America hardwoods (Hard Maple, White Birch, Yellow Birch, White Oak, Red Oak, Black Walnut, Hickory, Ash, Cherry,Yellow Poplar, Red Alder etc.) and Red Cedar to wholesale distributors across China, Japan, Korea.

We based in North America 2015 


2020.1.4 加拿大第18届华联春晚

加拿大华人联合总会理事会员“加枫美橡” 祝第十八届华联会春节联欢晚会暨加中建交50周年活动圆满成功。加拿大总理向晚会现场发来贺电,中国驻温哥华总领馆总领事出席晚宴。 


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